We know the Asian markets and have the relationships to connect the fastest growing region to the rest of the world.

Asset Management

Since its foundation, ThomasLloyd has been a company that stands for sustainability in every field in which it is commercially active. Our overriding goal is therefore to orientate our asset management towards the interests of our clients and, with our projects for our investors and for society at large, to generate value in a sustainable fashion. In pursuing this holistic approach, we are putting our faith in an innovative, risk-adjusted brand of asset management with which we are earning above-average returns with the capital that our investors have entrusted us with.

Asset Management

Merchant Banking

ThomasLloyd Capital (TLC) is one of the world's leading specialist financial advisors solely dedicated to the infrastructure sector in Asia. TLC helps develop and finance infrastructure projects in Asia that can meaningfully improve peoples’ lives, with a special emphasis on emerging markets where there are critical needs in power, utilities, and transportation.We offer flexible financing solutions, industry-leading sector expertise, and an established track record in developing countries. Our focus is supporting private infrastructure projects with strong development impact.

Merchant Banking

As enabling investor we support projects from the very beginning, helping greenfield projects to reach operational stage and build individual infrastructure assets into infrastructure platforms. Our active ownership approach combined with creativity, competence and experience not only contributes to the prosperity of society by building necessary infrastructure but also generates attractive returns for our clients.

T.U. Michael Sieg, Chief Executive Officer



A year of ‘real change’ for impact investing

Further impact funds are set to be brought to market this year, and with that more focus on the real economy and seeing changes to people’s lives and the planet. In this article, investment professionals share their views. Nick Parsons, Head of research & ESG at ThomasLloyd says, ‘Investing to make a positive impact on jobs, lives, communities and the environment offers a more purposeful role for capital than ESG investing, and this will be more appreciated in the coming year.’

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To Shift the Dial, we Must act in Asia

After the talking at COP26, it’s time for real climate action, says Nandita Sahgal Tully, Managing Director for Infrastructure Asset Management at ThomasLloyd Group.

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Government pledges fall short

At COP26 , the UK Government announced its programme received a £66m funding boost – with the money being channelled to support new products designed to help developing countries better access international capital markets to fund the infrastructure, technology, and businesses they need to tackle climate change and boost sustainable growth. A programme we hope to see replicated by other governments around the world to help close a funding gap currently in the way of achieving net-zero goals.

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