Our Approach

The combination of global reach and local presence, as well as deep industry expertise, enables ThomasLloyd to successfully engage with project developers and other industry participants in all key markets in Asia. In the process, this leading investment expertise is shaped predominantly by our highly specialised and experienced employees and by our strong and excellently networked local partners. Specialised technological knowledge, highly developed problem-solving competence at the most complex commercial and legal level, market knowledge based on empirical experience and fundamental market research, and networks reaching from the highest levels of government down to local level constitute the basis for developing determined investment strategies and implementing them successfully.

Asia is characterised more than almost any other continent by the heterogeneity of its individual countries and regions, and as a result it makes extremely stringent demands on investors' regional expertise. This is taken into account by our investment process, which is adjusted to the complex conditions prevailing in our target regions and has received a number of awards from international rating agencies. Based on that process, we generate intrinsic asset values that benefit from megatrends with exponential growth and thereby develop into sustainable returns drivers for our investors.

Seeking assets supported by strong economic fundamentals

We focus on investment opportunities where strong long-term economic fundamentals in a country or region support the demand for building a particular type of infrastructure.

We meticulously review and evolve our investment approach. Being prepared for a range of possible outcomes enables us to respond faster and more serene as events unfold.

Matthias Klein, Managing Director, Corporate and External Affairs & CEO Europe

 Buy and build platforms

We seek investment opportunities where we can develop or expand an infrastructure business to a market-leading infrastructure platform by pursuing add-on opportunities which are not only accretive on a stand-alone basis but which also enhance the value of the entire infrastructure platform.