This is how your passion becomes a profession

At ThomasLloyd everything begins with passion. It makes a job a calling. It drives us to develop pioneering ideas. And it enables us to find innovative solutions, which are useful to our investors, but at the same time bring social progress. This enthusiasm for the common objective makes our team a solid unit, in which opinions are valued and in which every employee can play a part, achieve, develop and celebrate success as a team. Something big can only be achieved if expert knowledge, highly-professional processes and enjoyment in one's work come together. Whatever your heart beats for, at ThomasLloyd you can find a niche in which to share your professional passion with us.

We are always on the lookout for new employees - people who are talented and motivated, have a keen sense of team spirit and are customer-oriented. We offer challenging and varied opportunities where you can demonstrate your skills, assertiveness and professionalism - at attractive terms and conditions.
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An exceptional idea calls for exceptional people.

Miriam Plater, Managing Director, Chief People Officer


Values are our definition of a distinct work ethic and corresponding corporate culture. They are the basis of our company philosophy and activities with regard to customers, shareholders, employees and the broader public. General values and leadership principles are at the heart of the day-to-day work of each employee in our opinion.

Our values include the will to succeed, a strong commitment to our shareholders, integrity, objectivity, independence and a multi-layered approach to our business operations and our employees. Assessing the performance of managers based on clearly defined leadership principles helps to ensure that these values are respected throughout the organisation.


    If you are interested in an open position or potential opportunities at ThomasLloyd, please apply by uploading and submitting:

    • Cover letter: Please explain why you are interested in the position and your motivation for applying, what you will bring to the role and why you think you would be a good fit for ThomasLloyd.
    • CV: Please provide a comprehensive description of yourself, work history and achievements including formal education, work experience, language skills, IT skills, interests, activities and references.

    Please notice that we only allow the listed file types above.

    You can upload your cover letter, CV and other relevant certificates here - preferably clustered in one document. Alternatively, you may also use the [Ctrl] key to select all documents at once and attach them. Thus, we will receive your complete application documents.

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