Realising sustainable values

About the ThomasLloyd Group

The ThomasLloyd Group is a global investment and advisory firm, solely dedicated to the infrastructure sector in Asia and is one of the leading financiers and investors in this market sector. ThomasLloyd combines detailed technological knowledge, a high level of investment expertise and in-depth regional knowledge of social, financial and political realities in a best practice approach to investment solutions with high, risk-adjusted economic viability.

A functioning infrastructure with an associated nationwide energy supply form the prerequisites for growth, progress, prosperity and stability in any region. Nowhere is this interrelationship as tangible as in Asia, a continent that as a global financial and political powerhouse is demanding more and more energy.

Where Asia's economic momentum encounters a secure and affordable electricity supply, strong economic growth and the growth of society as a whole is clear. However, in regions of Asia where traditional fossil resources are in short supply, where development of the infrastructure is lagging behind market momentum and where energy is consequently unreliable and expensive, the lack of energy is a barrier and a daily challenge. Renewable energies are the solution here, which are currently considered in many Asian countries to represent the only way forward on account of their competitive advantages.

The infrastructure market in Asia is therefore one of the world's most attractive growth markets for investors. It also offers us an ideal playing field in which to create stable real assets, which are largely separate from economic and capital market trends, with attractive yields that can be forecast in the long-term and involve a calculable risk, and thus sustainable values based on reliable framework conditions. For our investors across the world, but also for local people and for society as a whole.

At a glance



Indispensable. Sustainable. Profitable.


An intact, modern infrastructure is a prerequisite for sustainable progress and economic prosperity. Our infrastructure solutions not only create profitable real assets for our investors in many countries of the world, but also play a crucial role in shaping the social environment of the region and consequently peoples' future.

T.U. Michael Sieg, Chairman, CEO & Founder

Global presence

ThomasLloyd has offices in a total of 17 locations worldwide, in North America, Europe and Asia. Our head office is in Zurich and the registered office of the Group parent company is in London. Over 250 employees from 35 countries represent our corporate ethos of international and intercultural exchange, mutual learning and mutual accomplishment. Together they are responsible for capital of USD 3.5 billion belonging to institutional investors and wealthy private investors.


Project developers, companies and institutional investors (public and private pension funds, insurance companies, banks, family offices, foundations, venture capital, private equity and government funds) as well as wealthy private investors across the world rely on the expertise of ThomasLloyd. Our range of services includes products and services along the entire value-added chain for the sector and comprises

  • Capital raising, M&A and corporate finance for private and public companies
  • Project financing and management for project developers
  • Investment advice, asset management and funds for private and institutional customers


Many of the over one hundred infrastructure projects that have been successfully completed in 22 countries by the management of ThomasLloyd to date currently rank as benchmark transactions in the respective regions and segments.

The prerequisites here were and are a unique network of international investors and technology companies that has been built up over many years, direct access to the relevant government agencies and the industry experience of the ThomasLloyd Management Team averaging over 30 years

In addition to this expertise, investors also benefit from the multi-award winning investment process. Its historical rates of return have proved convincing over many years.

Successful investing is a journey, not a one-time event. So rely on ThomasLloyd's long-time investment expertise to guide you on your trip to Asia's growing infrastructure market.

Anthony M. Coveney, Head of Project Finance and CEO Americas

Customer focus

We earn trust by placing our customers at the centre of our activities. Our products and services as well as the outcomes of these are transparent and traceable. We are committed to regular and open reporting, we make reports available to our investors and provide detailed information at every turn.

Act sustainably

Our driving force is to combine ecology and economy in every project and every investment product, and generally as a basis for our action. We strive for long-term rather than short-term success. And we weigh up risks and opportunities responsibly.

Dare to be innovative

We have the courage to tread new paths, develop new solutions and offer these to our customers because only those who dare to try something new, think and act creatively, demonstrate innovative strength, increase and apply their knowledge will be successful in the long term.

Demonstrate fairness

Partnership and fairness are the basis for a spirit of cooperation and create the fundamental prerequisites for successful economic activity. Consequently, this guiding principle applies to all people, companies and organisations that we work with on a daily basis.

Think holistically

When we act as a company, we generate side effects, consequential effects and reciprocal effects. This requires comprehensive, clear-sighted and forward-looking consideration of as many these links created by our actions as possible. Our processes and solutions reflect these requirements, with no ifs or buts.

1 This amount includes all discretionary and non-discretionary assets in traditional or alternative investment strategies, which are managed or consulted by subsidiaries or affiliated or associated companies of ThomasLloyd Group LTD (Status: 31.12.2018)

2 ThomasLloyd Group LTD (Status: 31.12.2018)

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