ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europa 2012

The political and economic future of renewable energies

19. January 2012, Alte Reithalle, Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart

Once again numerous industry experts attended the ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe 2012, the leading European congress on infrastructure investment in the field of renewable energies and clean technology. This international conference continues to represent the central communication and knowledge platform between private and institutional investors, consultants, industry and politics. High points of the 2012 conference included the controversial speeches delivered by Prof. Klaus Töpfer, retired German Environment Minister and Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Head of ifo Institute, on the subject of renewable energies.




Decision-makers & visionaries

See more high-profile keynote speakers from the world of politics, academia and business, including controversial speeches and podium discussions by Prof. Klaus Töpfer and Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn on the subject of renewable energies.

Over 700

guests from the world of politics, business and the financial sector

From an economic and ecological perspective the only way forward is a fundamental restructuring of the energy supply. (…) ThomasLloyd has positioned itself in one of the largest future markets in the world.

Prof. Klaus Töpfer, German Environment Minister (retired)

It should actually be self-evident: We have a global climate problem that needs to be solved. (…) private sector activities that profitably offer alternative energies are right.

Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Head of ifo Institute