ThomasLloyd Delegation 2020

ThomasLloyd Delegation Trip 2020, India


February 2020, India

Some 120 individuals accepted ThomasLloyd’s invitation to join an international delegation for a week-long trip to India. The first highlight on the tour, which was led by T.U. Michael Sieg, Chairman and Group CEO, was the attendance at the high-calibre ThomasLloyd Investment Symposium India 2020. Speakers from the highest levels of politics, including Shri Nitin Gadkari, currently a minister in Modi’s cabinet, and Shri Raj Kumar Singh, minister of state, ensured that the members of the delegation, as well as representatives of the embassies and high commissions of various European countries, gained insights into key aspects of European foreign direct investment (FDI) to support the expansion of sustainable infrastructure in India. At the following visit to Maharashtra I in the eponymous Indian state, at 67.2 MW ThomasLloyd’s biggest solar power plant in India to date, the participants were able to see the imposing dimensions of Indian solar projects for themselves. The many impressions of ecological and social conditions in India culminated in a ceremony attended by the participants to mark the completion and handover of four sustainable school projects. The primary schools around Maharashtra I are attended by more than 400 pupils and previously had no reliable electricity supply. They have now been supplied with off-grid solar power by the ThomasLloyd Foundation and also equipped with modern sanitary facilities.