Maharashtra I
11. October 2018
Karnataka I
12. October 2018

Madhya Pradesh I

Project site


Northwest India



200 MW


Reach of electricity supply


256,291 people

CO2 reduction


284,832 tonnes p.a.

Project details

Project Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Talettutayi Solar Projects Nine Private Limited (“Madhya Pradesh I”)
Location Surajpur Village, Shajapur District, State of Madhya Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 23.227417°, 76.215425°
Technical Specifications Project site: 2,585,900 m²
Solar irradiation at project site: 1,850 kWh/m²/year (Meteonorm)
Grid connection: To a 400 kV PGCIL Pachora substation
Fixed tilt mounting structure, using mono PERC solar PV technology
Reach of Electricity Supply 256,291 people
New permanent jobs TBC
Supplier/Manufacturer TBC
General Contractor (EPC) TBC
Operations & Maintenance TBC
Lender’s Engineer TBC
Electricity Offtake Counterparty Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with 1. M.P. Power Management Company Limited (MPPMCL) 2. Indian Railways (IR)
Credit Rating Electricity Offtake Counterparty 1. MPPMCL - CARE “A-”
2. Indian Railways – “AAA Sovereign rating”. Indian Railways is a statutory body under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Railways, Government of India that operates India’s national railway system
Specifications of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Statutorily guaranteed Tariff fixed rate INR 2.339 (USD 0.03) per kWh, allocated through a reverse auction bidding process. The rate has been set and approved for 25 years.
Status Full operations are expected to start in Q3 2023.

Status: 30/06/2021