San Carlos BioPower
28. November 2015
North Negros BioPower
30. November 2015

South Negros BioPower

Project site


Negros Occidental, Philippines



25 MW


Reach of electricity supply


265,000 people

CO2 reduction


20,600 tonnes p.a.

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Project details

Project Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) South Negros Biopower Inc.
Location Agro-Industrial Land, National Highway, Barangay Cubay, La Carlota City, Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
Coordinates: 10 25 23.32 N, 122 56 13.11 E
Technical Specifications Project site: 300,000 m²
Feedstock type: primarily cane trash
Feedstock utilisation: 244,000 tonnes per year
Feedstock availability: 1,4 million tonnes per year of biomass are available within a 50 km-radius catchment area
Grid connection: to the existing 69 kV substation in San Enrique, 8 km away
Reach of Electricity Supply 265,000 people
New permanent jobs 675 in the plant / 2,500 in feedstock production and collection
Supplier/Manufacturer Boiler: Jinan Boiler Group Company Ltd (China)
Steam Turbine: Siemens (India)
Generator: Siemens (India)
Transmitters: for bidding
Gearboxes: Siemens (India)
Distributed Control System: Yocogawa
Water Treatment Plant: Aquagen
Fuel Handling System: GES
Tractors: Massey Ferguson (USA)
Forage Wagons, Rotary Rakes: Pöttinger (Austria)
V Rakes: Hodge Industries (Australia)
Baler: Nantong Cotton Machinery (China)
General Contractor (EPCM) Poyry Energy Inc.
Operations & Maintenance Poyry Energy Inc.
Lender’s Engineer Sargent & Lundy LLC
Electricity Offtake Counterparty Interconnection Agreement with Victorias-Manapla-Cadiz Rural Electric Service Cooperative Inc. (VRESCO) Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement with National Transmission Corporation (Administrator of the government backed Feed-in Tarif Fund)
Credit Rating Electricity Offtake Counterparty Standard & Poor's: BBB+ with stable outlook
Moody‘s: Baa2 with stable outlook
Fitch: BBB with stable outlook
Specifications of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Statutorily guaranteed feed-in-tariff rate of PHP 6.63 (USD 0.15) per kWh plus an annual escalation in electricity prices to account for inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. The rate has been set and approved for 20 years by the Government‘s Energy Regulatory Commission.
Status In full operation since January 2020

Status: 30/06/2021