Michael Sieg

Chair and Group Chief Executive Officer

In 2003, Michael established ThomasLloyd, an independent and specialist impact investment solutions provider, advisor and asset manager.

During the early stages of the firm’s evolution, Michael identified the growing gap and institutional need for project financing and investment in sustainable real assets to combat climate change. In a space that was, and continues to be, under-advised and under-invested, Michael led the first investment of ThomasLloyd in a cleantech investment banking firm in 2005. Subsequently the group then focussed on advising on, and investing in, cleantech solutions globally.

After this initial success, Michael together with his wife Nermin, stewarded the firm to become a dedicated global impact investment solutions provider, advisor and asset manager with a focus on high-growth and emerging markets. ThomasLloyd is now one of the world’s leading impact investors and providers of climate financing, having raised over US$1.5 billion in aggregate capital. Michael has been involved in all phases of ThomasLloyd’s development, is the Chair of the Investment Committee and lead the successful listing of the ThomasLloyd Energy Impact Trust PLC on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange main market.

Michael is recognised as an innovator and early expert on the sustainable deployment of capital in real assets in fast-growing economies. Michael is a regular speaker and contributor to thought leadership on sustainable investment, impact investing, climate change mitigation and diversity.

Michael also established together with his wife Nermin the ThomasLloyd Foundation, an organisation committed to alleviating hardship, assisting with the establishment of elementary living conditions and to furthering lasting social progress in the communities ThomasLloyd operate in.

Other Board of Directors

Vivienne Maclachlan

Group Chief Financial Officer

Miriam Plater

Chief People Officer