Environment Social Governance (ESG)


CEO's Introduction

Since our founding in 2003, the world has significantly changed and so has our Firm. The business we created almost 15 years ago looks different today, evolving from a Firm with teams of experts overseeing six diverse asset classes to one focused purely on infrastructure providing solutions to large societal challenges. The changes in the world at large require us to invest more responsibly and strategically than ever before.

In recent years there has been growing recognition of the importance of managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors effectively among companies that operate in the financial services sector. As an investment and advisory firm, ThomasLloyd is directly or indirectly responsible for the savings of millions of beneficiaries worldwide and is therefore fully committed to invest our clients' capital in a responsible manner and integrate ESG factors, alongside commercial and financial factors, into our investment process.

As direct investor in selected stand-alone infrastructure projects we enjoy much greater transparency than public markets managers into their portfolio companies. We leverage this knowledge, together with a active ownership model, to ensure ESG factors are well managed in the investments we make. We firmly believe that the thoughtful management of ESG issues mitigates investment risk and has the potential to enhance investment returns in the best interest of our clients and other stakeholders. Integrating material ESG considerations we regard for this reason essential to generate sustainable value over the long term in a rapidly changing world.

Ultimately our Socially Responsible Investment Policy aligns investors with broader objectives of society. Our capital, operational capabilities and specific knowledge and networks in respect to the infrastructure sector in Asia position us to be part of a holistic solution.

We will continue to thoughtfully approach the ESG opportunities and challenges that we face and look forward to invest where our money makes the difference.

T.U. Michael Sieg, Chief Executive Officer