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As one of the largest investors in the infrastructure sector in South East Asia, we have a strong sense of affiliation with the local people. Above and beyond our infrastructure projects, we assume a clear responsibility to alleviate hardship, to assist with the establishment of elementary living conditions, and to further lasting social progress.

For us, holistic conduct is about assuming responsibility. And that includes responsibility for the people who make it possible for us to realise our infrastructure projects in the first place – as our employees, suppliers for our biomass power plants, and partners. We therefore provide assistance wherever a helping hand is needed.

T.U. MICHAEL SIEG, Chairman, CEO & Founder

ThomasLloyd has pooled all its corporate social responsibility activities under the banner of the ThomasLloyd Foundation in two areas of action which best correspond to the regional specificities and requirements.

Electrification of social infrastructure

The foundation is dadicated to the initiation and realisation of concrete “off-grid solutions” in remote and underdeveloped districts, which are not likely to be connected to the electricity grid in the foreseeable future and which without the off-grid solution would therefore be permanently cut off from the benefits of social institutions dependent on electricity (e.g. health centres, clinics and modern educational establishments).

Emergency Relief Activities

In addition the foundation is committed to emergency relief activities – which may include providing direct funding and suitable materials or equipment quickly and without red tape in areas hit by natural disasters, as well as continuous support for regional aid organisations and projects that are dedicated to providing assistance to particular social groups.

The Camaniangan Elementary School:

Energy for life and learning

One example of a project chosen using this selection process is the Camaniangan Elementary School, situated in the highlands near the SaCaSol solar power plant and the biomass power plant San Carlos BioPower that ThomasLloyd built in the Philippines. The school had no electricity supply before and teaching without light was particularly difficult on cloudy and dark days during the rainy period. A decentralised solar system was planned to bring it dependable power in an environmentally friendly way.

ThomasLloyd began implementing the project by organising a donation of solar modules from Conergy, the supplier of the modules for ThomasLloyd’s nearby solar power plants. As the project progressed, ThomasLloyd provided all the other construction material and technical components, the engineering know-how and the necessary labour. After just a few months it was officially inaugurated by the mayor, the vice-governor and high-ranking representatives of the education ministry.

The new electricity supply enables the school to make use of modern teaching equipment. Teachers apply the pedagogical benefits of computers in lessons, big batteries give pupils the opportunity to charge specially provided lamps or mobile phones during class time and take the fully charged devices home with them when school has finished for the day. The villagers are willing to pay a small contribution for the service, which is used to maintain the new technical equipment.


The Health Center of Sitio Bais:

Energy is a prerequisite
for health and life

Another example of the off-grid electrification projects run by the ThomasLloyd Foundation is the health centre in Sitio Bais. The remote village is situated in the district of Yubo, around 18 kilometres from La Carlota City, the site of the ThomasLloyd biomass power plant South Negros BioPower that is currently under construction, and in the rainy season can only be reached by heavy four-wheel drive vehicles. Most of the inhabitants work in agriculture, primarily farming bananas and making charcoal. The average income is below the poverty line, so children and teenagers are also called on to work in the fields, which means they do not get an adequate school education.

An existing health centre that is responsible for 150 families has no electricity, no regularly present medical staff and also has to provide health care for two other villages in the vicinity. The local inhabitants therefore suffer from a lack of care: the difficult terrain means that patients with acute illnesses have to be transported to a health centre in a neighbouring village, on a journey taking several hours. Children too must walk for many hours through mountainous terrain to be vaccinated or treated in the neighbouring health centre.

ThomasLloyd set itself the goal of bringing electricity to this off-grid health centre. Solar capacities are being provided that not only produce power for lighting and a fridge for storing medicines, but also for other medical devices that use electricity. They also feed power into batteries that the villagers can use to recharge mobile phones or battery-powered lamps.

Now that this infrastructure has been provided, the regional government has decided to appoint and finance a midwife and other medical staff for the health centre. Here too, the villagers pay small contributions to maintain the technical equipment.


The Bahay Tuluyan Foundation:

Social engagement for abused children,
orphans and street children.

Children are often the losers when emerging countries grow rapidly. If their parents fall on hard times, if they lose their parents or are abused by them. This is also true in the Philippines. Which is why ThomasLloyd sponsors the Bahay Tuluyan Foundation, one of the most ambitious private aid organisations, which works to help orphans and other children who have been abused or are living on the streets of the big cities. It offers them interlocutors they can trust and if necessary a refuge and a place of comfort too. The foundation facilitates regular school attendance or helps young people to look for work and so lays the groundwork for a life in social and physical safety.

All of the ThomasLloyd Foundation’s donations are provided on a fully voluntary basis and go directly to the projects, in order to ensure that 100% of support payments are used locally as intended.

Sponsorship of research, development and prevention,
as well as emergency aid when needed

In addition, ThomasLloyd supports a variety of organisations and initiatives with regular donations.

Helping Hands



As one of the largest foreign investors in the renewable energy infrastructure in the Philippines, we have a strong sense of affiliation with the people there. The ThomasLloyd Group management therefore decided without hesitation to help the people in the regions affected by the typhoon swiftly and unbureaucratically.

In addition to contributing funds, ThomasLloyd worked with its local partners to provide concrete relief supplies and services in order to rebuild the places affected. All the available employees were sent to the affected areas as soon as the extent of the damage caused by the typhoon became known. Assistance was therefore provided right where it was needed with the aid of diggers, lorries and cranes. Streets blocked by fallen trees were cleared and made passable again, enabling ambulances and aid organisations to get to the people in need quickly.

In addition, the company’s long-term presence in the Philippines and its understanding of the regional needs ensured that the financial aid likewise went directly to the victims and was able to alleviate the affected people’s hardship a little. It also helped with the reconstruction work, which is still ongoing.

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