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As one of the largest investors in the infrastructure sector in South East Asia, we have a strong sense of affiliation with the local people. Above and beyond our infrastructure projects, we assume a clear responsibility to alleviate hardship, to assist with the establishment of elementary living conditions, and to further lasting social progress.

For us, holistic conduct is about assuming responsibility. And that includes responsibility for the people who make it possible for us to realise our infrastructure projects in the first place – as our employees, suppliers for our biomass power plants, and partners. We therefore provide assistance wherever a helping hand is needed.

T.U. MICHAEL SIEG, Chief Executive Officer

ThomasLloyd has pooled all its corporate social responsibility activities under the banner of the ThomasLloyd Foundation in two areas of action which best correspond to the regional specificities and requirements.

Electrification of social infrastructure

The foundation is dedicated to the initiation and realisation of concrete “off-grid solutions” in remote and underdeveloped districts, which are not likely to be connected to the electricity grid in the foreseeable future and which without the off-grid solution would therefore be permanently cut off from the benefits of social institutions dependent on electricity (e.g. health centres, clinics and modern educational establishments).

Emergency Relief Activities

In addition the foundation is committed to emergency relief activities – which may include providing direct funding and suitable materials or equipment quickly and without red tape in areas hit by natural disasters, as well as continuous support for regional aid organisations and projects that are dedicated to providing assistance to particular social groups.

BioPower Group and ThomasLloyd join fight against COVID 19 in Negros Occidental

Fight against Covid 19

BioPower Group and ThomasLloyd join the fight against Covid19 in Negros Occidental, Philippines in an initiative to help ensure the protection of medical frontliners and provide much-needed supplies to hospitals and local government units.

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School projects in India and the Philippines

Energy for life and learning

The ThomasLloyd Foundation’s school projects bring electricity to schools whose remote location means they will remain off-grid despite the new ThomasLloyd power plants. A selection process is used to identify those schools in remote communities that are most urgently in need of electrification. When necessary, toilets and bathrooms are refurbished or newly built to give the children access to hygienic sanitary facilities. Computers, ventilators and other school equipment are also purchased.

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The Health Center of Sitio Bais:

Energy is a prerequisite
for health and life

Another example of the off-grid electrification projects run by the ThomasLloyd Foundation is the health centre in Sitio Bais, which was opened on April 10th 2018. The remote village is situated in the district of Yubo, around 18 kilometres from La Carlota City, the site of the ThomasLloyd biomass power plant South Negros BioPower that is currently under construction, and in the rainy season can only be reached by heavy four-wheel drive vehicles.

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The Bahay Tuluyan Foundation:

Social engagement for abused children, orphans and street children.

Children are often the losers when emerging countries grow rapidly. If their parents fall on hard times, if they lose their parents or are abused by them. This is also true in the Philippines. Which is why ThomasLloyd sponsors the Bahay Tuluyan Foundation, one of the most ambitious private aid organisations, which works to help orphans and other children who have been abused or are living on the streets of the big cities. It offers them interlocutors they can trust and if necessary a refuge and a place of comfort too.

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Lacson-Bariw Village


ThomasLloyd guarantees fair working conditions on its construction sites and projects, meeting the highest international standards. What’s more, the livelihood of each person working for us is particularly important to us. With “Lacson-Bariw Village”, for example, ThomasLloyd created modern and affordable housing for approximately 50 families nearby the North Negros BioPower site in Manapla. The village celebrated its official opening in March 2019.

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Helping Hands



As one of the largest foreign investors in the renewable energy infrastructure in the Philippines, we have a strong sense of affiliation with the people there. The ThomasLloyd Group management therefore decided without hesitation to help the people in the regions affected by the typhoon swiftly and unbureaucratically.


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Sponsorship of research, development and prevention,
as well as emergency aid when needed

In addition, ThomasLloyd supports a variety of organisations and initiatives with regular donations.

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All of the ThomasLloyd Foundation’s donations are provided on a fully voluntary basis and go directly to the projects, in order to ensure that 100% of support payments are used locally as intended.