BioPower Group and ThomasLloyd:


From the provision of personal protective equipment and medical supplies for clinics and quarantine centers to the creation of additional laboratory capacity and the provision of a mobile testing station, BioPower Group is providing numerous resources on the Philippine island of Negros to support the region in the combat against  COVID-19. ThomasLloyd is very proud of the commitment of our project companies in the Philippines.

Quarantine Center In EB Malangona


The „Health Center of Sitio Bais“:


Another example of the off-grid electrification projects run by the ThomasLloyd Foundation is the Health Centre in Sitio Bais. The remote village is situated in the district of Yubo, around 18 kilometres from La Carlota City, the site of the ThomasLloyd biomass power plant South Negros BioPower that is currently under construction, and in the rainy season can only be reached by heavy four-wheel drive vehicles. Most of the inhabitants work in agriculture, primarily farming bananas and making charcoal. The average income is below the poverty line, so children and teenagers are also called on to work in the fields, which means they do not get an adequate school education. However, an existing local health centre responsible for 150 families had no electricity, no regularly present medical staff and also had to provide health care for two other villages in the vicinity.

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Opening of the new Health Centre of Sitio Bais - It’s the beginning of a new era for a small village in the mountains of the Philippines.

ThomasLloyd had set itself the goal of bringing electricity to this off-grid health centre. As a result, the 10th of April 2018 was an immense day for the little community of Sitio Bais. The health centre there reopened and was handed over to the community to fulfil its purpose – with new solar power sourced from a photovoltaic system installed by the ThomasLloyd Foundation and featuring a capacity of 6,000 watts. That’s sufficient to power operations at the health centre and sufficient to charge the smartphones and battery-powered lights that ThomasLloyd has provided to the village’s residents, who don’t have electricity – or light – at home.

The planned electrification of the health centre also set the ball in motion for the provincial government and the Philippine Department of Health getting involved in the project. These authorities are now providing the staff that are regularly on shift at the centre. Previously the centre had only been staffed highly irregularly. The electricity needed to refrigerate medicines and vaccines or operate diagnostic devices simply wasn’t there. Until now, the people of the village had to embark on an arduous journey to La Carlota City, 18 kilometres away, if they wanted to visit the doctor. Then they’d have to make the trip back too. Bear in mind that this was without a car and with the first two kilometres spent traversing a steep trail through the tropical Philippine undergrowth by foot. Children too had to walk for many hours through this mountainous terrain to be vaccinated or treated in the neighbouring health centre.

Sitio Bais Health Center DSC 0449 SRGB

This foundation project is consequently a sign of ThomasLloyd’s commitment to assisting with the establishment of elementary living conditions and to support lasting social progress above and beyond its infrastructure projects. The health centre is additionally an excellent example of the ThomasLloyd Foundation’s strategy of furthering social and ecological progress with off-grid solutions in remote and underdeveloped districts close to its infrastructure projects where there is little likelihood of being connected to the commercial electricity grid in the foreseeable future. 

Video: „Health Center of Sitio Bais“