ThomasLloyd SICAV – Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund awarded LuxFLAG Environment label for third straight year

Zurich, 9 July 2021 – ThomasLloyd, one of the world’s leading specialist impact investors and providers of climate financing, is proud to announce that its Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund (SIIF) has been awarded the prestigious LuxFLAG Environment label for the third year in a row. The LuxFLAG independently verifies SIIFs incorporation of sustainable principles throughout the investment process. The SIIF meets LuxFLAG criteria by focusing on decarbonisation and infrastructure investments across emerging markets, offering investors the opportunity to invest in Asia’s carbon net-zero transition.

The underlying investment strategy of the SIIF has a successful 10-year track record and invests directly in a diversified portfolio of sustainable infrastructure real assets in high growth and emerging markets in Asia.

The fund, which surpassed €100 million AUM in February, generates multiple socio-economic benefits in investee countries as the portfolio includes: three biomass and three solar power plants in the Philippines and six solar power plants in India. These projects are transforming lives and communities by giving millions of people access to stable, reliable, clean energy.

Created in 2006, by seven private and public founding partners, including the European Investment Bank and the Government of Luxembourg, LuxFLAG aims to promote sustainable investing in the financial industry in Luxembourg and across Europe. The LuxFLAG label is recognised for its high standards and rigorous assessment of applicant investment vehicles’ investment holdings, strategy, and procedures with respect to sustainability, ESG and overall impact. In alignment with the long-term views of investors, ThomasLloyd has always ensured sustainability remains a core value both at the investment and corporate level. Earlier this year, ThomasLloyd announced the 100% alignment of its current and future product portfolio with Article 9 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Michael Sieg, CEO of ThomasLloyd Group commented: “We are delighted to have been able to renew our LuxFLAG Environment Label, as further validation of our commitment to impact investing in sustainable infrastructure. Private and professional investors can now benefit from our investment expertise in the evolving asset class of infrastructure and add substantially to their ESG quotas in their investment portfolios. Impact investing is now a critical consideration for all investors, and we strongly believe that a direct strategy focused on private infrastructure and real assets can help investors meet their sustainable goals in a clear and transparent manner.”

Sachin Vankalas, Director General of LuxFLAG said: “We are pleased announce that the ThomasLloyd Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund has been granted the use of LuxFLAG Environment Label. This is a token of the firm’s genuine impact in the emerging market space, as well an acknowledgement of the transparency they are able to provide investors, a feature we hold dear at LuxFLAG.”

Press release (PDF): ThomasLloyd SICAV – Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund awarded LuxFLAG Environment label for third straight year 


ThomasLloyd nuovamente con un’ottima valutazione nel rapporto di valutazione UN PRI 2020

Zurigo, 30 novembre 2020. In qualità di firmatario dei UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), ThomasLloyd è stata nuovamente sottoposta ad una valutazione delle sue attività di gestione finanziaria da parte dell’UN PRI. Sono state valutate due categorie, “Strategy & Governance” e, nell’ambito della gestione “Infrastrutture”, che sono state inserite in un confronto settoriale. La valutazione del principale sostenitore indipendente al mondo dell’investimento responsabile è ancora una volta eccellente: nella categoria “Strategy & Governance” (in scala decrescente di A+, A, B, C, D, E) con 27 punti su 30 ovvero una A, nel settore delle infrastrutture con 30 punti su 30 è stato raggiunto il punteggio massimo di A+. Ulteriori dettagli sono contenuti nel rapporto completo. Gli obiettivi specifici e la metodologia della valutazione, che viene effettuata a intervalli regolari, si trovano in questo link.

UN PRI Assessment Report 2020 (PDF)


ThomasLloyd receives the “Award for very good management reports” from EXXECNEWS

ThomasLloyd and its investments solutions won the “Award for very good management reports” from the jury of EXXECNEWS. In its statement the well-known media outlet for managers in the financial services sector said:

“In the opinion of the EXXECNEWS jury, the management reports 2018/2019 from ThomasLloyd Global Asset Management GmbH are a great success, describing in detail the internal investment structure and the markets in which the individual investments were made. It therefore meets the standards for disclosure and transparency.” This award is the latest in a long line of accolades that ThomasLloyd has received, not least for the transparency of its reporting in recent years. Matthias Klein, Managing Director and CEO Europe at ThomasLloyd, said: “We have always had a particularly active and transparent information policy concerning our markets, projects, results and developments within our company. But now in particular, when the global operating environment is changing ever faster, our continuous, detailed reporting becomes even more important. So of course we are delighted to receive this award again.”

EXXEC News, Ausgabe 19 (PDF in German)


AAA: TELOS awards again ThomasLloyd best investment rating

As part of its ratings update, rating agency Telos awarded the investment process of the ThomasLloyd SICAV – Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund (TL SIIF) again in 2020 an ‘AAA’ rating and attested to its ‘highest standards of quality’. ThomasLloyd continues to establish itself in the top group of companies rated by Telos.

TELOS Rating 2020 (PDF in German)

Read more: www.telos-rating.de


ThomasLloyd consegue un’ottima prima valutazione nell’UN PRI Assessment Report 2019

Zurigo, 30 settembre 2019. In qualità di firmatario degli UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) ThomasLloyd si è sottoposta per la prima volta a una valutazione della sua attività di investitore da parte di UN PRI. Sono state valutate due categorie “Strategy & Governance” e il punto focale degli investimenti “Infrastruttura” e messe a confronto con membri del settore. Il rating del principale gruppo indipendente al mondo per l’investimento responsabile è eccellente: sin dall’inizio abbiamo ottenuto una B nella categoria “Strategy & Governance” (su una scala decrescente di A+, A, B, C, D, E) con 21 punti su 30, e addirittura il punteggio massimo di A+ nel settore delle infrastrutture con 29 punti su 30. Ulteriori dettagli si possono desumere dal Report completo. Gli obiettivi specifici e la metodologia della valutazione periodica possono essere reperiti in questo link.

UN PRI Assessment Report 2019 (PDF)


LuxFLAG assegna l’Environment Label a ThomasLloyd

A seguito di una rigorosa valutazione da parte dell’agenzia di certificazione LuxFLAG, ThomasLloyd SICAV – Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund (TL SIIF) ha ottenuto il marchio ambientale. ThomasLloyd continua a essere leader di mercato per gli investimenti socialmente ed ecologicamente responsabili e TL SIIF è solo uno dei nove fondi che hanno ricevuto il marchio ambientale fino ad oggi.

Criteri di selezione del marchio ambientale

Per maggiori informazioni: www.luxflag.org