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San Carlos Wind

San Carlos Wind

San Carlos Wind (SCW) is a project in the advanced development stages in the Balabag foothills, close to San Carlos City and the municipalities of Calatrava and Salvador Benedicto in the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. The project involves the installation, construction and operation of an onshore wind farm covering an area of 800,000 m². The electricity generated will be fed into the Cebu-Negros-Panay grid, the main electricity grid in the Visayas, and will cover the energy consumption of approximately 280,000 people in the region. The wind farm will be built in two stages in the Balabag foothills, close to San Carlos City and the municipalities of Calatrava and Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental.

SCW is a wind farm with gross electricity generation capacity of 80 MW. The mountain ridges in the north-east of the island offer good to very good potential for greenfield wind turbines, with wind power density of 300 to 600 W/m (at a height of 30 m) and wind speeds of 6.4 to 8.0 m/s (at a height of 30 m). SCNEW will be connected to the national TransCo grid located within a radius of 10 to 15 km with 69 kV.


Impressions of the project

Project Details

Project Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) San Carlos North East Wind Inc.
Location Balabag Range, located between the municipalities of Calatrava and Salvador Benedicto and San Carlos City, 
Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
Technical Specifications
  • 80 MW onshore wind farm (Phase 1)
  • Project site: total 800,000 m²
  • Height project site above sea level: 500 - 880 m
  • Wind power density at a height of 30 m: 300 - 600 W/m²
  • Average wind speed at a height of 30 m: 6,4 bis 8,0 m/s
  • Grid connection: Site is located 10km away from the substation; 138kV connection
Reach of Electricity Supply 280.000 people
New permanent jobs 30 in the plant
Supplier/Manufacturer Tender in preparation
General Contractor (EPC) Tender in preparation
Operations & Maintenance Tender in preparation
Owner‘s Engineer Under negotiation
Electricity Offtake Counterparty
  • Interconnection Agreement with National Transmission Corporation (TransCo)
  • Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement with National Transmission Corporation (Administrator of the government backed Feed-in Tarif Fund)
Credit Rating Electricity Offtake Counterparty
  • Standard & Poor´s: BBB with stable outlook
  • Moody‘s: Baa3 with positive outlook
  • Fitch: BBB- with stable outlook
Specifications of the Power Purchase Agreement Total Capital Expenditure to COD Minimum guaranteed revenue in the
first full year of operations
Awaiting government announcement of Round 3 Wind Feed-In Tariff Approximately USD 220 million subject to contract negotiation To be confirmed
Third party guarantees additional to the market standard warranties provided by suppliers, manufacturers and EPCs In negotiation with suppliers, manufacturers and EPCs
Project Insurance Coverage (amount insured) Insurance coverage based on project specifications and best market practice will be implemented.
Insurer (coverage ratio) Syndicate for insurance coverage will be appointed.
Status Scheduled start of construction (NTP) 2017
Commercial Operations Date (COD) based on EPC contract Scheduled start of operations 2019

Status: 31.03.2016

Status: 30/09/2021

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