We fully comply with all laws and regulations, at all times and in all jurisdictions, following industry standard ESG guidelines and best practices. Acting with integrity in all our operations, we avoid all forms of discrimination and embed equality and diversity in our employment policies. We respect human rights and avoid exploitation of child labour, ensure no bribery or corruption and actively manage investment projects to deliver ESG and Impact outcomes in the communities and countries in which we operate.

Our investment philosophy is embedded into a practical framework of engagement with investee companies with our stewardship policy. We believe that through positive and direct engagement with our investee companies we can create optimal long-term value for our investors and for the communities in which we invest.

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We are committed to the integration of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into all corporate and investment decisions.

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We believe there is no conflict between doing well and doing good, and there need be no trade-off between performance and positive impact. We are pleased to present our approach to Responsible Investing.

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Our stewardship policy reflects our view of best practice and is aligned with the UK Stewardship Code.