ThomasLloyd reinforces impact investing credentials as an exclusive partner to the newly launched NZZ 'Impact Finance Forum'

Zurich, 1 February 2021. ThomasLloyd, the Zurich-based leading impact investment manager, announced today their support of the newly launched NZZ Impact Finance Forum. ThomasLloyd joins as the exclusive independent asset management partner of the leading Swiss based national initiative, along with UBS and AXA as the banking and insurance partners respectively.

This strategic partnership will enable ThomasLloyd to participate in a range of tailored events organised by the NZZ Impact Financial Forum throughout 2021 in Zurich, Bern and a dedicated Impact Lab to be held at the firms newly established headquarters in Zurich in the second half of 2021.

Commenting on this initiative, Chief Executive Officer, T.U. Michael Sieg said “We are delighted to be partnering with the 2021 NZZ Impact Finance Forum. At ThomasLloyd, we are aligned to their commitment of positioning Switzerland as an important global financial centre and a leading hub for impact investment.”

ThomasLloyd is a pioneer in impact investing in emerging markets, having invested in real assets across the full asset life cycle of development, construction and operation of sustainable infrastructure projects since 2010. “Climate change is the single biggest challenge we are collectively facing around the world. As a result, at ThomasLloyd we believe investing directly in sustainable real assets in emerging markets through the financing and developing of essential infrastructure helps to address this challenge. We create value for our clients through active, long-term responsible ownership and ensuring environmental, social and corporate governance considerations at the heart of every investment decision,” said Mr Sieg.

Demand for infrastructure in emerging markets is significantly higher than in developed markets. In most developing countries basic infrastructure is failing, insufficient, or non-existent compromising livelihoods and holding back economies. More than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. More than 660 million people don’t have a clean source of drinking water and one in three people worldwide lack access to sewage infrastructure1. “With the number of people living in cities in Asia estimated to double by 2030, the infrastructure deficit will only become larger. Through our demonstrated investment track record, ThomasLloyd provides investors a gateway to impact investing in Asia, while having a positive impact on the environment, society and communities without compromising investment returns. We look forward to accelerating this conversation with like-minded individuals at the Impact Finance Forum in Switzerland this year,” said Mr Sieg.

The Impact Finance Forum positions itself as the leading national conference in the financial sector and is considered a neutral platform for the Swiss financial industry. The conference is differentiated through a carefully curated program, professional implementation and the support and thematic collaboration of the NZZ business editorial team.

Other renowned partner of the forum are South Pole, a leading advisor and provider of global climate services, the IMD Business School, the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab as well as the Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) association.

[1] World Bank Report: Beyond the Gap January 2017