ThomasLloyd to seek FCA authorisation for new global asset management entity in the UK; Mike Craston to retire from position as Chair of ThomasLloyd Group

Zurich, 5 July 2023 – ThomasLloyd, the independent impact investment solutions provider, advisor and asset manager, has announced plans to set up and seek FCA authorisation for a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom for its global asset management division. The new London-based entity will be led by Nadir Maruf as CEO and Ian Ruddock as Director. Nadir and Ian, who serve as CIO and COO of Asset Management respectively at ThomasLloyd Group, joined ThomasLloyd earlier this year, greatly enhancing the firm’s senior leadership team with their significant experience in developing and managing infrastructure investments, including in Asia.   

The new entity will strengthen ThomasLloyd’s global impact investment platform, which started more than 13 years ago with over USD 1.6 billion of capital raised to date. While emerging and developing Asia has been the sole focus of ThomasLloyd’s impact activities until now, the onboarding of very experienced senior investment professionals over the past months will allow the company to further intensify its growth ambitions while also widening its scope in terms of sector and geography going forward.

At ThomasLloyd Group level, Mike Craston, current Non-Executive Chair, has decided to step down from his position with immediate effect due to ill health to reduce his time commitments. Michael Sieg, Chief Executive Officer of ThomasLloyd Group, will assume the Chair position ad interim.        

Michael Sieg, CEO of ThomasLloyd, said: “I would like to thank Mike for his advice and guidance over the past year as we have structured the asset management division into a platform that is now well placed to grow significantly and, with that, create positive impact where impact is needed most. We wish Mike a smooth recovery and all the best for his future.”

Mike Craston, Chair of the Board of ThomasLloyd Group: “While I regret having to step back from my function as Chair at ThomasLloyd Group, I am glad to have been able to contribute to the further development of the impact asset management platform as I believe we are only just at the beginning of the impact journey. It is not a question of whether or not the energy transition will happen, the question is how fast we can accelerate it. ThomasLloyd has the right team in place to really drive impact investments on a global scale in sectors and regions where every invested dollar goes furthest.”



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About ThomasLloyd


Founded in 2003, ThomasLloyd is an independent impact investment solutions provider, advisor and asset manager. Headquartered in Zurich, the company has global presence with offices across Europe, Asia and North America. 

ThomasLloyd’s Impact Asset Management division was created in 2011, and is one of the longest-established, largest and most experienced sustainable energy investment managers in emerging and developing Asia. It invests where capital creates the most impact via its ‘Triple Return’ approach: strong financial returns, in addition to generating intentional positive, measurable social and environmental impact.

Over the last decade, ThomasLloyd has been measuring the impact of its investments, mapping its impact against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and becoming one of the earliest Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatories. The Group is committed to the integration of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into all corporate and investment decisions.

As of 31 December 2022, ThomasLloyd managed USD 1.1 billion of capital in sustainable energy infrastructure assets across a wide range of investment solutions on behalf of institutional and sovereign investors, family offices and private investors globally.

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