Time to look at Asia's potential is now!

2022 confronted investors with stiff headwinds. High inflation, low growth and rising interest rates have been especially painful. The scale of value destruction has been quite staggering and rates of inflation have been the highest in almost 40 years. Most of these declines have come in developed markets.
But how do our target markets in Asia fare?
There have been few signs of market stress in Asian markets. Bond yields have risen less than in developed markets and spreads versus the US have even been narrowing. Increase in interest rates have been lower and emerging market currencies’ performance versus the US Dollar has been generally better than their developed counterparts.
During this 30-minute session, you will hear from renowned journalist David Stevenson and our Head of Research, Nick Parsons about the attractive and differentiated investment opportunities for sustainable energy infrastructure in Asia at a time of growing energy demand. And how regulatory certainty, an enabling policy framework and a welcoming environment for foreign inward investment support the compelling case.

Key highlights include:

  • The economic challenges in Europe and North America are very different to those in our target markets, which are becoming increasingly resilient and better able to withstand external shock. 

  • Asia is the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer of energy and largest emitter of carbon dioxide therefore the decarburization of Asia is the defining investment trend of the century. 

  • Regulatory certainty helps mitigate development risk. An enabling policy framework and a welcoming environment for foreign inward investment underpin the attractiveness of long-term electricity supply contracts.ThomasLloyd is one of the longest-established, largest and most experienced renewable energy investment managers in emerging and developing Asia (ex-China/GCC) and became one of the earliest Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatories.

Watch webinar: