San Carlos BioPower

San Carlos BioPower is a biomass power plant project in San Carlos City in Negros Occidental province in the Philippines.

The San Carlos BioPower stand-alone base-load power plant project has a gross power generation capacity of 20 MW and generates approx. 141 million kWh annually. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of around 212,000 people in the region. The biomass power plant using uses as fuel crop residues from local agriculture, e.g. sugar cane leaves and stalks as well as coconut shells, rice husks and specially cultivated energy crops.

UN SDG Alignment

Project overview




20 MW

Project size

210,000 m²


Construction jobs created


Electricity reach (people)


New permanent jobs created


CO2 avoidance (tonnes p.a.)


Project details

San Carlos City, Negros, Philippines
Biomass feedstock
• Type: primarily cane trash with some grassy and woody energy crop plants (ECP) • Utilisation: 170,000 tonnes per year • Availability: 1.1 million tonnes per year of biomass are available within a 80 km-radius catchment area
Boiler: Wuxi Huaguang Boiler (China); Turbine: Hangzhou Steam Turbine (China); Generator: Shangdong Jinan Power Equipment (China); Motors: Regal Rexnord (India); Transmitters: ABB (Switzerland); Pneumatic control valve/actuator: Nihon Koso (China); Boiler feedwater pumps: KSB Shanghai Pump (China); Gearboxes: Siemens (Germany); Cane trash shredder: Zhengzhou GEP Ecotech (China); Tractors: Massey Ferguson (Thailand); Forage wagons, rotary rakes: Pöttinger (Austria); V rakes: Hodge Industries (Australia); Baler: Nantong Cotton Machinery (China)
General contractor (EPC)
Wuxi Huaguang Power Systems
Operations & maintenance
Afry Philippines
Insurer (coverage ratio)
• Industrial all risk insurance: Malayan Insurance (30%), Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation (25%), FPG Insurance (15%), Cocogen Insurance (12.5%), BPI/MS Insurance (12.5%), Mercantile Insurance (5%) • Property all risk insurance: FPG Insurance (100%) • Contractors equipment insurance: AIG Philippines Insurance (100%) • Comprehensive insurance: FPG Insurance (100%) • Comprehensive general liability: Starr International Insurance Philippines (100%)
In operational phase since January 2020

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