The construction and expansion of infrastructure is lagging far behind the pace of economic and population growth.

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The development and expansion of sustainable infrastructure creates one of the biggest challenges and opportunities of our time.

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Creating Lasting Value

San Carlos Solar Energy: from “greenfield” project to utility-scale operational solar plant in less than 2 years.

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Social Impact

Perspectives Through Infrastructure

A bridge to education, health and prosperity.

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Investing in clean energy is an imperative, not a choice.

The first ever dedicated offering on the London Stock Exchange providing direct access to sustainable real assets in fast-growing and emerging economies in Asia.

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Social Impact

Why ThomasLloyd

Putting jobs first does not mean putting the environment last. Sustainable development is growth where all stakeholders benefit and everyone is better off. This is ThomasLloyd’s ‘triple return’ - social, environmental and financial. We are proud of the contribution we have made and humbled by its effect on the communities in which we operate.

T.U. MICHAEL SIEG, Chief Executive Officer

  • Prof. Dr. Justin Yifu Lin

    Former Chief Economist and Vice President of the World Bank

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, January 2014

    The only way out is to have a new path that is green growth. To use renewable growth to deliver energy – solar energy and wind power – instead of the coal-based energy supply. And that is the only solution.

  • Thomas Ossowski

    German Ambassador to the Philippines

    Official inauguration of SaCaSol I, San Carlos City, Philippines, May 2014

    In Germany already hundreds of thousands of solar panels cover our roof-tops. But (...) when I see the very hot climate here in the Philippines (...), I am attempted to say: solar energy is coming home.

  • Hon. Loren Legarda

    Senator of the Republic of the Philippines

    Official inauguration of SaCaSol I, San Carlos City, Philippines, May 2014

    This project demonstrates that indeed renewable energy projects are indispensable to national development. We know, the benefits adress the countries growing energy demand.

  • Jesse Ang

    Country Head of the Philippines International Finance Corporation World Bank Group

    ThomasLloyd Investment Symposium Philippines, October 2011

    The Philippines are among one of the most promising markets for renewable energies in South East Asia. By 2017, 90% of all households are to be connected to the power supply. (…) ThomasLloyd recognised this development early on and has already conceptualised and realised groundbreaking projects.

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn

    President of the IFO Institute for Economic Research

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Stuttgart, January 2012

    It should actually be self-evident: we have a climate problem in this world, which must be solved. (...) private economic activities offering alternative energies profitably are the right thing.

  • Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi

    Ambassador of World Green Citizen and member of one of the ruling Royal Families in the United Arab Emirates

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, February 2013

    The environment does not belong to you or to me. This is what the creator God gave us all. To work, to learn, to love and to respect, to make good business, but to leave a legacy. To leave this planet and this air for not just generations - for the whole mankind.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    38th Governor of California, USA

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, February 2013

    We are here today to celebrate the real action heroes, that are fighting for clean energy. Those are the real action heroes. Your company helps empower those heroes.

  • Prof. Peter Guthrie

    Global expert for the sustainable development of infrastructures and professor at the University of Cambridge

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, January 2014

    And the opportunity for alternative approaches to completely traditional, grid-connected electricity presents itself very powerfully.

  • President Bill Clinton

    Founder „Clinton Foundation“, 42nd President of the United States of America

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, January 2014

    If I were running a country in South-East Asia today, I would want to get as much locally generated clean-technology electricity as I possibly could.

  • His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III

    President of the Republic of the Philippines

    Official inauguration of SaCaSol I, San Carlos City, Philippines, May 2014

    Today, we are not just inaugurating a power plant; we are also making history: (…) With your help we are proving the world: even developing countries such as ours can do their share in reducing the risks posed by global warming.

  • Lord Nicholas Stern

    Leading Global Economist and Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

    ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress Europe, Frankfurt, February 2013

    Your actions as you move strongly investing in this area are changing the politics, they´re changing the understanding. And that means that you are at the vanguard of this whole political story as well as the economic and business story.


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To Shift the Dial, we Must act in Asia

After the talking at COP26, it’s time for real climate action, says Nandita Sahgal Tully, Managing Director for Infrastructure Asset Management at ThomasLloyd Group.

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Government pledges fall short

At COP26 , the UK Government announced its programme received a £66m funding boost – with the money being channelled to support new products designed to help developing countries better access international capital markets to fund the infrastructure, technology, and businesses they need to tackle climate change and boost sustainable growth. A programme we hope to see replicated by other governments around the world to help close a funding gap currently in the way of achieving net-zero goals.

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